Project Worksheet

We appreciate you considering Coda for your web project. In order for us to get a better idea of your project goals, please complete the form below and return it to us at your convenience. Once we have a better understanding of your needs we will be able to give you an accurate quote as well as an accurate time frame for the completion of your project.

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    Project Information

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    PersonalSmall BusinessBusiness with e-Commerce

    Select one:
    I already have a registered domain name.I do not have a registered domain name but I will before this project is completed.I do not have a registered domain name and I wish Coda to acquire one for me.

    How soon would you like your site to launch?
    Within two weeksWithin one monthWithin two monthsOther

    Do you currently have an active site?

    Do you already have a logo and corporate colors?

    How many email addresses will you need created?
    None1-56-1011-20Over 20

    Website Goals & Objectives

    What is the purpose of your website (check all that apply)?
    To establish a web presence for our company"
    To generate requests for services/products"
    To create an online portfolio of our work"
    To create an online community
    To create an online store to sell products
    To provide customer service/information to our customers

    If you have a current site . . .

    What is your reason for redesigning or rebuilding your site?

    What do you like about your existing site? What do you feel is working?

    What are some areas that need improvement?

    Do you want to keep some of the same content or do you want the entire site redesigned?

    Your Competition

    Please list at least three competitor websites that you like.

    What do you like about these sites?

    What sets you apart from your competitors?

    Your Message and Audience

    What is the key message you want to communicate about yourself or business?

    Who is your ideal client or target market (i.e. women ages 18-30, children ages 13 -18)?

    Website Planning

    How many pages will your site have?

    Please list any features you would like (ex. blog, shopping cart, PayPal buttons, calendars, appointment scheduler, etc.)

    If you will be processing online payments:

    - Do you need to charge tax? NoYes
    - Are you selling digital downloads? NoYes
    - Are you charging for shipping? NoYes

    I am interested in:
    Copywriting servicesProfessional photographyGraphic design servicesSocial media site set-up

    I intend to:
    Update website content myselfHave Coda update website content

    Thank you for this information. We will be in contact with you very soon.